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When he was seriously wounded at the battle of Verdun during the First World War, Private Gracia could not return to tending his vines. He became the “Tabataire” or tobacconist in a local village, a concession given by the French Government to many returning soldiers. Many years later, his grandson Bruno returned to the vineyards and in honour of his grandfather he named his estate “Domaine du Tabatau” – child of the Tabataire. Welcome to real wine made by real people.

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"From the man who grows the grapes, to us, to you."

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The Languedoc:
The Languedoc:
Corbières and Fitou
The Languedoc:
The Languedoc:
Coteaux de Languedoc
The Languedoc:
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The Languedoc: St. Chinian

The Languedoc: St. Chinian
Chateau Gilbert et Gaillard (Puisserguier)
ex. Vatincl. VAT
Pour les Amis 2013 red (AOC St. Chinian)
£6.34 £7.60
Chateau de la Baume 2012 red (AOC St. Chinian)
£8.30 £9.96
Chateau Gilbert et Gaillard 2013 red (AOC St. Chinian)
Borie la Vitarele (Causses et Veyran)
ex. Vatincl. VAT
Le Grand Mayol 2015 organic white (AOP Languedoc)
£9.75 £11.70
Les Terres Blanche 2016 organic red (AOC St.Chinian)
£8.14 £9.76
Les Schistes 2015 organic red (AOC St.Chinian)
£11.06 £13.27
Les Cres 2015 organic red (AOC St.Chinian)
£13.41 £16.09
Chateau Coujan (Murviel, St.Chinian)
ex. Vatincl. VAT
Rolle 2016 organic white (IGP Coteaux de Murviel)
£6.57 £7.88
Cuvée Terrasse 2013 organic red (IGP Coteaux de Murviel)
£5.20 £6.24
Rose Tradition Rosé 2016 organic rosé (AOC St. Chinian)
£6.47 £7.76
Tradition Red 2015 organic red (AOC St. Chinian)
£6.47 £7.76
Gabrielle de Spinola 2015 organic red (AOC St. Chinian)
£6.99 £8.39
Bois Joli Red organic red (AOC St. Chinian)
Bois Joli White 2016 organic white (AOC St. Chinian)
£8.08 £9.70
Ile de Corail 2014 organic red (AOC St. Chinian)
£15.50 £18.60
Domaine Navarre (Roquebrun, St.Chinian)
Vin d'Oeillades 2013 red (Vin de France)
£6.56 £7.88
Le Laouzil 2013 red (AOC St. Chinian)
£7.37 £8.85
La Cuvée Olivier red (AOC St. Chinian)
Grenache Sweet Red
£7.47 £8.97
Domaine Marquise des Mures (Roquebrun, St.Chinian)
Nasaara 2016 organic white (Vin de France)
£7.13 £8.56
Metisse 2013 organic red (AOC St. Chinian)
£7.13 £8.56
Les Sagnes 2011 organic red (AOC St. Chinian)
£9.06 £10.87
La Reserve organic red (AOC St. Chinian)
Domaine du Tabatau (Assignan, St.Chinian)
Las Costos 2013 red (AOC St. Chinian)
£5.65 £6.78
Camprigou 2012 red (AOC St. Chinian)
£6.24 £7.49
Lo Tabataire 2011 red (AOC St. Chinian)
£8.16 £9.79
Chateau Milhau-Lacugue (Pusserguier)
Chateau Milhau-Lacugue white (AOC St. Chinian)
Cuvée Magali Red (AOC St. Chinian)
Cuvée des Chevaliers 2008 Red (AOC St. Chinian)
£6.90 £8.27
Les Truffieres 2012 Red (AOC St. Chinian)
£8.22 £9.87

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