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When he was seriously wounded at the battle of Verdun during the First World War, Private Gracia could not return to tending his vines. He became the “Tabataire” or tobacconist in a local village, a concession given by the French Government to many returning soldiers. Many years later, his grandson Bruno returned to the vineyards and in honour of his grandfather he named his estate “Domaine du Tabatau” – child of the Tabataire. Welcome to real wine made by real people.

Linlithgow Wines
"From the man who grows the grapes, to us, to you."

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Rogues Gallery

If you ever visit the village of Minerve in summer, make sure you follow the dried-up river bed under the limestone mountains
........... and out the otherside.
The festival to celebrate the end of the harvest in the village of Cessanon sur l'Orb. Henri pulls the grapes into the village square to begin proceedings.
After blessing the grapes at the door of the church (sorry camera still in car!) an old manual press is set up
Before the press is used, the local kids are only too happy to lend a helping foot in a time honoured tradition.
Maybe this could be introduced to the Olympics!
Including a two Mademoiselle team
And then into the press
and some more
and a final pressing.
Ha, ha, that is how it's done!
And fortified with some freshly pressed grape juice, the kids entertain accompanied by some traditional Languedocian music
One of the dance props. The old puffers used to spread sulfur on vines to ward off disease are now used to cover each other in flour.
Time for a little shopping in front of the Mairie after all the celebrations.
The blending and tasting table at Mas de Bressades near Nîmes
There is always paperwork to do - Cyril Myres at Mas des Bressades.
Keeping a check on how things are going in the cave with the harvest safely fermenting in the vats - Mas des Bressades Sept 09.
The product of previous vintages, resting in oak barrels at Mas des Bressades - you will get to taste it one day.
Along the road from Mas des Bressades we arrive at Mas Carlot. Meet Blanche Myres, fighting off a mosquito
Blanche with her mother Nathalie Blanc-Myres, who is taking five minutes away from the wine making at Mas Carlot. In case you hadn't worked it out, Nathalie Blanc at Mas Carlot married Cyril Myres at Mas de Bressades!

All photos courtesy of Julie McDowell.

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